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MDEP Validation Process


Provide “deep-dive” of Programmatic Requirements to II PEG Co-Chairs Opportunity for Co-Chairs to issue guidance before the RVT

Are We Doing the Right Things?

  • Two-tiered MDEP Reviews:
    • R&R Program Reviews
      • Leader-driven, strategic discussion involving MDEP Stakeholders and MDEP Managers
      • Focused on Requirements Decisions
    • RVT MDEP Briefs
      • Preceded by R&R Program Reviews
      • Staff-led, technical discussion involving MDEP Managers and Army Staff POCs
      • Focused on Requirements Recommendations
  • Decision Sheets
    • RVT Recommendations for all decision points for Senior Leader approval
    • Reflected S3U and other ACSIM-approved initiatives
  • Co-Chairs presented MDEP Recommendations to CSA
  • RDI implemented Co-Chair decisions in POM Build

Are We Doing Things Right?

  • Bottom-Up review, from MDEP Functional to Leadership, provided greater fidelity of Requirements
  • Leaders got in front of Requirements train
  • All Requirements were subject to review
  • Duplication of Effort

What are We Missing?

  • POM 14-18 reflects a fundamentally different fiscal environment
    • Reductions are a certainty
    • Requirements cannot stagnate
  • MDEP Stakeholders must find better ways to achieve the same ends, or eliminate services entirely