Facilities Requirements Modeling

Sustainment (O&M)

  • Regular facility maintenance
  • OSD’s FSM determines requirements by installation and facility type
  • FSM uses industry standards
  • Army follows OSD guidance in programming 90% of FSM

Restoration and Modernization (O&M)

  • Repairs or construction under the $750K threshold
  • Installation Status Report–Infrastructure provides quality (Q-rating) assessment of Army facilities & improvement costs
  • Not well-funded in recent years, causing migration of sustainment funds to pay for needed R&M
  • POM 13-17 programming strategy included 15-year buyout to bring Q3 and horizontal Q4 facilities to Q1

Military Construction (MILCON appropriation)

  • New/replacement footprint or Restoration & Modernization projects above O&M threshold ($750K)
  • RPLANS provides installation facility deficit information & build-out costs
  • OSD’s FMM a source of modernization requirements estimation
  • MILCON IPT prioritizes requirements in a 1-N project list based on leader and programming guidance