Cyber/Information Assurance Branch (Cyber/IA)

The  Cyber/Information Assurance Branch establishes a unified approach for ensuring appropriate levels of confidentiality, integrity, authentications, non-repudiation, and availability for the Installation Management Community by developing Cyber Security/Information Assurance strategy, policy and executing the Command Cyber Security/Information Assurance Program.


  • Develop and coordinate Cyber/IA strategy and policy in support of Installation Management Community strategic plans and across the Services and Infrastructure Core Enterprise (SICE)
  • Manage the Installation Management Information Assurance Program
  • Plan and manage the IA Workforce Training Program
  • Manage and coordinate the OACSIM Operations Security (OPSEC) program in support of the Command OPSEC Program
  • Conduct security risk assessments
  • Coordinate the employment of cyber capabilities to include computer network operations exploitation, and attack
  • Serve as the Designated Approving Authority representative for certification, accreditation, risk assessments, and mitigation methods
  • Maintain the Cyber/IA dashboard