Transportation Branch


Prescribe policies and procedures for the management of Base Support Transportation Services, including mass transportation support and motor pool operations.

NOTE: Policy and program oversight of household goods, passenger travel, and cargo/freight functions remain with HQDA G-4.

Recent Updates



  • Provide for pooling of nontactical vehicles (NTVs), consistent with mission. Target is for 50% of general use NTVs to be pooled and controlled in Transportation Motor Pool. (Life, health and safety vehicles are exempted from this calculation.)
  • Advocate for funding to replace Army-owned vehicles that are beyond their expected useful life.
  • Assist installations in establishing on-post shuttle bus services as requested.

Contact Information

Contact the Chief, Installation Services Logistics Division (DAIM-ISL), Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management (OACSIM), 600 Army Pentagon, Washington, DC 20310.