Headquarters Army Environmental System

Mission Statement

The Army is committed to environmental stewardship as an integral part of its mission. The Headquarters Army Environmental System (HQAES) will be the enterprise business system of record enabling Army to collect, analyze and report environmental data. This system will assist Installations, Commands, Service Providers, and Headquarters Department of the Army in performing environmental program management. HQAES will operate seamlessly with other enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems of the Army.

HQAES is an IT modernization project of legacy environmental data systems. The first phases of the system will replace these legacy automated databases/capabilities:

Later phases will incorporate the capabilities of SWARWEB, FUDSMIS and HMMS.

The basis for the design of HQAES is an architecture and system requirements specification developed in coordination with all effected Amy commands and a number of installations and National Guard state commands. At present, HQAES is currently the only system in the Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff, Installation Management (OACSIM) that has an approved Business Enterprise Architecture and is approved by the Real Property and Installations Lifecycle Management Investment Review Board.

More than a system for reporting up the chain-of-command of data needed by HQDA, the system will assist installations with the day-to-day management of their environmental programs.  The first phases of the system are expected to include interfaces with these external systems:

The integration of previously independent data collection systems, along with these interfaces, will

  • prevent time consuming verification and costly rework of data entered in multiple systems
  • eliminate redundant/obsolete data collection, and add new data requirements
  • reduce data calls and improve delivery of information to customer needs

HQAES is in development. Milestones for the initial phases are


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