Civilian Inmate Labor


In 1989, both the Departments of Defense and Justice entered into an agreement to utilize civilian inmate labor for certain public works/services on Army installations. Subsequently, the Army established the Civilian Prison Labor Program to document the agreement and ensure consistent practices in accordance with 18 USC 4125 (a). Installation Civilian Inmate Labor Programs (CILP) are established via Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the installation and a Federal correctional facility. Only minimum security inmates are to be offered the opportunity by the local State/Federal correctional authorities to participate in the CILP. The inmates are not allowed near installation occupants and security is provided by the correctional facility at all times.


Currently, there are eight CILPs that provide labor to Army installations to accomplish needed tasks that would not otherwise be possible under current manning and funding constraints. Services provided by the inmates include: preservation and maintenance of grounds/facilities; construction of or repairing buildings and roads; clearing and maintaining or reforesting public land; building levees; and constructing or repairing other public ways or works. Services rendered can provide practical application of skills learned in the correctional facility’s apprentice programs.

Inmates are not DA employees and are not to be regarded as such. Army policy requires that inmates be restricted to designated work areas, latrines, and vending machine areas to preclude fraternization between inmates and civilians, Soldiers and/or family members to ensure their safety/welfare at all times.

For the eight respective installations, the CILP produced an annual net cost avoidance savings to the Army in the amount of over $18.3M in FY10 and $10.9M in FY11. The CILP is an effective and proven program that provides significant cost avoidance to the Army while offering minimum security inmates an opportunity to develop and improve meaningful work skills.

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