Administrative Furniture


Develop policies and standards for the management and acquisition of  lifecycle replacement administrative furniture in support of Army missions in a fiscally sound, equitable, continuously improving, and environmentally sustainable manner.

NOTE: Responsibility for administrative furniture for new construction and BRAC has not changed. This policy applies to the lifecycle replacement of administrative furniture. Lifecycle replacement of administrative furniture is not centrally funded by the Army.


Sustainment for Life Cycle Replacement of Administrative Furniture, and acquisition standards that continue to include environmentally sustainable principles.

Recent Updates

Administrative Furniture for the Acquisition and Management of Life Cycle Replacement of Administrative Furniture within AR 420-1, Facilities Management was submitted to the Army Publishing Directorate for publication.

  • Administrative furnishings are defined and limited to general use office and classroom areas in all facility category codes.
  • Replacement administrative furnishings for existing facilities will continue to be funded by the using unit.
  • Additionally, the Army Budget Office (ABO) has provided up to date Army-wide guidance in both the Technical Guidance Memorandum (TGM) with the Army Program Guidance Memorandum (APGM) that due to funding constraints there will be no centralized funding now or in the foreseeable future for administrative furniture.

Contact Information

Contact Administrative Furniture POC, Logistics Services Division (DAIM-ISL), Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management (OACSIM), Headquarters Department of the Army Program Manager–