OACSIM Intranet

OACSIM SharePoint is now up and running!

Through the OACSIM intranet, the OACSIM community (Military, Civilians, and
Contractors) can now use Microsoft's latest Enterprise Content Management application, SharePoint 2010, to:

  • View SIGACTS, Effects Calendar, Morning Strength Report (MSR), Early Bird Summary, and Installation Notes
  • Discover important information about events like OACSIM Town Halls, transportation distribution, and ATAAPS submissions
  • Access the latest information on OACSIM activities through Commander Update Briefings (CUB) slides
  • Keep track of open Taskers

The OACSIM Intranet site can be accessed by selecting Intranet from the Home menu or by visiting https://home.army.mil. To register, users must have a Common Access Card (CAC) and complete the registration form.

Information on the OACSIM Intranet site, SharePoint training, and Points of Contact (POC) can be found in the OACSIM SharePoint Newsletter.