Sponsored by the Chief of Staff of the Army and overseen by the Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management (ACSIM), the Army Communities of Excellence (ACOE) Program recognizes excellence in installation management. The program encourages and rewards installations that optimize their environment and demonstrate a commitment to facility as well as service excellence. With the concept of continuous improvement as a guide to achieving exceptional customer service and satisfaction, the ACOE program encourages and acknowledges installations' commitment to excellence.

The ACOE award honors the top Army, National Guard, and Reserve installations that have achieved high level of excellence in building a quality environment, outstanding facilities, and superior services. During a year-long process, ACOE applicants are assessed and evaluated against Army priorities and Malcolm Baldrige National Quality criteria.

The program kicks off with the training necessary to ensure adherence to Army priorities, as identified in the Army Campaign Plan, and consistent understanding and application of the Baldrige criteria. A review board performs an assessment of application qualifications where Department of Army Officers and Civilian examiners review and score applications.

The ACOE process wraps up with the Office of the Judge Advocate General's legal review and the Chief of Staff Army final approval. Installation winners receive professional recognition to invest in improving their respective installations.

All competing installations, regardless of size or mission, are directly evaluated against the Baldrige Criteria. The feedback provided through the assessment process offers valuable insights into the state of the installation and highlights areas for continued improvement.

The ACOE program builds on organizational knowledge and encourages a change in perspective, from what is minimally essential to what is optimally possible to support Soldiers, Families and Army civilians who live, work, train, and play on Army installations. The Army is proud of the faces of installation excellence for all award winners.